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Why I decided to create a Blog?

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Why I decided to create a Blog?

Let's first introduce myself, who am I and what I have been doing?

Who am I?

For those who do not know me, my name is Svetloslav and I am 18 years old from Bulgaria. I've been programming for a little over 2 and a half years. I like to create things with code as well as constantly learning new things. I enjoy playing sports, I have been practicing basketball for 9 years and it remains my passion. I also like walking in the mountains.

Why blog?

Lately, I have been thinking how can I share an opinion about topics that I like, so I decided to create a blog for myself that would discuss interesting subjects. I will talk about things that I have come across and things that I think are interesting for you to hear. They won't always be related to programming. The blog will contain 2 types of posts: posts related to software development and posts outside it.

Why to subscribe?

Every Friday I will send an email to anyone who has subscribed to my newsletter containing information about interesting things that I have discovered or have encountered over the past week. It may contains apps, posts, books and ideas I have. And also anything and everything else I might discover and thought would be interesting. Mainly related to programming, tech and productivity.

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